10 (free)Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

We said that this week Momma’s Choice would offer ways to make money from home, so here we go!

Writing is one of the best work at home jobs there is, only it’s a little tricky finding places to pay you for it! So, here are 10 places I’ve found that have real job postings for decent writers. I say real jobs because it is like getting caught in thick seaweed in a swamp trying to find legitimate work at home jobs. It seems every site that promotes work at home jobs either takes you to a paid membership job site, an ebook to purchase(tho sometimes it does pay to buy some ebooks), or a sign up form to “get more information” (which will inevitably lead to no less than 50 phone calls from people wanting you to join their mlm opportunity….for the next 3-6 months!).

Obviously, I could really get on my soapbox on this subject, but having gotten caught in that seaweed more than once, I’m a little scarred. If you haven’t gotten caught yet, don’t. I haven’t found one source of online work at home opportunities that was worthwhile. There’s plenty of free listings, not to say that there isn’t a good paid site-and would love to hear about it if you know of one personally. Enough of that- let’s make some money!

Faithwriters.com is a place that you can find freelance writing jobs as well as resources to help you become a better writer and break into the writer’s market.

Problogger has a job board with an abundance of real jobs available. I have a high regard for the authors of Problogger, they are upfront and transparent in what they offer.

Craigslist is a hit or miss resource that I know some people have found some freelance jobs on.

Get Paid to Blog About the Things You Love!
Payperpost is a great place to find postings to write for other bloggers!

Performancing has a job board for freelance bloggers, it’s a bit thin, though.

has a list of freelance writing jobs that welcomes new writers!

is a very well done site, quite professional. Not sure a new writer would find much, but if you have a verified skill to offer, you could definitely find something here.

indeed.com makes the claim that they pool all the online jobs in one place – their website! Just type in “bloggers” in the job area and leave the area blank and you will get a list that could keep you busy for quite some time!

– is just what it says, blogger job posts galore!

All Freelance Writing
– has some job posts, but more important is their great resource for the freelance writer.

Have fun! Let us know what you found, and if you know of other good to great places to find freelance jobs.

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