Free Audio on Using Social Sites To Make Money

There’s a lineup of audio training that you can listen to for free that will give you some great training and ideas on making money online. I like to have things like that playing in the background when I’m doing tedious work online, and I’ll take notes on what is important.

Well, I was looking into the Homeschool Entrepreneur Conference in Atlanta next week, and you can listen to previous training calls that Rhea Perry has recorded over the last months for her readers. Well, I decided I wanted to hear what Don Crowther had to say on social networks, and honestly, I figured it’d be a big sales pitch for her upcoming conference, but was pleasantly surprised.

I learned an amazing amount about which social sites are worthy of your time, what the wrong way to approach them is and how NOT to get banned, and what strategies are good and bad. He gave some websites out that help you stay organized with all of your contacts, and some new sites I’d never heard of before. There was also some really good information on tagging. Needless to say, you really need to hear this audio if you are looking at running an online business.

A bonus to my visit to listen to Don Crowther (scroll down about 1/4 pg) was I discovered several other recorded calls I plan to listen to asap, like ‘Driving Traffic With Adwords’, ‘Using Audio and Video’, ‘The PhD on Ebay’, even Rhea’s own story, ‘Getting Vision for the Information Age’. Rhea Perry is one homeschooling mom that has a story to tell …. she definitely knows how to make money online and has taught her children to do the same. There’s others you might be interested in too. Let me know what you think.

Be blessed!

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