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Awhile back I did several posts on how to blog for extra income, and next week, due to popular demand, we are going to look at lots of ways to make money at home. Learning all the finer details of blogging for dollars is on the agenda, and in researching some really good ways to market your blog and increase traffic, you will want to check out and register with Technorati.

In registering with them, they ask you to post a piece of code for them to find you….and verify that it is really your blog. That makes sense, since anyone could claim your blog, but only you can make a post on it. Well, unless you have authorized someone else to post on your blog.

So here is my post, and my required piece of code..that, by the way, will take you to my profile on Technorati, too!
Technorati Profile

till next time,
Be Blessed!

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