The BEST Printer and Ink Deal for Homeschoolers!

So why would a printer be any better for a homeschooler? Rachael found a feature on her HP 7460 that I missed in the 4 months we’ve had this printer that you’ll love. Straight from the screen on the HP7460, (no computer needed) you can print school paper, manuscripted lines, graph paper, handwriting paper and more! Cool, huh? I realize that if you’re reading this, you probably have a computer, but there are times you may not want to pull up a program to print the paper, etc.

Last I looked, Amazon still has the best price on the HP 7460 and free shipping, but don’t buy your ink there!
has an incredible deal that you won’t find anywhere else. First of all, the HP 7460 takes the HP-02 cartridges and are only $6.99 for black cartridges, and $5.99 for color. If that’s not cheap enough, you can buy a box of 3 black cartridges and 2 each of the 5 colors for $59.99. THEN, I found a coupon code for another 10% off, so subtract $6 and your total for 13 ink cartridges for your HP7460 is a whopping $53.99! That’s only $4.15/each and they seem to last forever. also offers free shipping for any order over $50…..I love deals like this!

I double checked that the coupon code worked for 4inkjets just before I wrote this. The last time I ordered from them was July and I received my order within 3 days and their customer service was excellent. They guarantee 100% satisfaction and I truly believe they will honor that.

Click here for the review I did on the HP 7460 in July

Find the deal on ink for your HP7460 at Use coupon code: SCH4545M

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