What IS Affiliate Marketing, Really?

Never before has it been so easy to make money online. The internet has made it possible to find and target any market that you have a product for. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

They don’t know how.

Not that there’s not thousands, if not millions, of websites clamouring to tell you how to do it…for a small (or large) fee, of course!

Most of the “make money online” courses that so many are selling are going to tell you one way or another how to make money with affiliate marketing. If you’re not familiar with this term yet, it’s really quite simple. You advertise products online and when people click on your ad and purchase that products, you recieve a commission. So most of these ‘courses’ will tell you how to choose a niche, put up a site, and possibly how to get traffic. All the “Data Entry” jobs are basically telling you how to enter copy for PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to drive traffic to your affiliate website.

Now, that sounds easy, right? Wrong. To simply put up a site is like adding a drop of colored water to the ocean. No one is going to see it.

So, is affiliate marketing a viable way to make money?


If you already have some internet knowledge, and know how to write a decent website, you are halfway there. Realizing it’s extremely time consuming to get started, it can run on auto pilot once you’re making a profit…to a point. I could go into all the details, but that would be like telling you how to be a mother in 3 or 4 paragraphs-there’s alot to know, and it all depends on your situation.

Where to start

Our sister website, Homeschool-Entrepreneur.com has a page with the best starter resources, one is free and is quite thorough, one is for absolute beginners, and the last is for those that have some starting knowledge already. There is alot of free helps available, and we hope to post many of those over time, so keep checking!

Perfect for single moms!

This is a post in itself, but affiliate marketing has been a life saver for many single moms that still want to homeschool their children. You can work on it virtually any time of the day, and can be done for very little start up cash. Realistically, it can take several months to a year to make a good income, but it does work like a snowball…once it’s rolling, you really start growing fast. Many dads have been able to come home and make more than they ever imagined with affiliate marketing. So it is true when you read all the outrageous claims made, it’s just a matter of learning the ropes, without losing your shirt.

More to come!

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