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I guess it’s like trying on different outfits, I just keep trying on different blog templates. This one has been a bit more difficult, and I don’t think it’s SEO optimized, so I may return it…. (even tho it was free).

So what does SEO optimized mean? Aside from the obvious, (search engine optimized) I didn’t realize how much it mattered until the day I launched the last theme, when my traffic spiked off the charts.  The only reason I’m thinking of changing is I’ve rec’d a few good natured critiques that the blog looked too bland. We also have some plans to rearrange things this years to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Just a little remodeling, so to speak.

For those of you that have self-hosted blogs, or would like to, I listed some of the better sites I came across that offer Word Press blog themes. There are so many free ones, that I can’t see paying for a theme unless the author wants to offer support. THAT would be worthwhile, even just email support. There you go, tech-moms, a great home business. It’s murder finding WP tech help-I’ll be your first customer. Hopefully, this year I can make a few screen videos showing how to do a few of the things I’ve learned for others to learn. I know, ‘in my spare time’, right!?

The first selection is WordPress’ own site, in case you are new to this, and they do offer great support online in the form of forums and tutorials if you’re up for it.

This site has 83 themes that look unique and the best part is they’re very well organized:

Here’s a great compilation of the best blogging tips all in one place-

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