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Best Decongestant For Babies or Toddlers!

Since the FDA has virtually outlawed over the counter decongestants, it’s harder and harder to manage all the congestion my little ones seem to constantly battle. My husband has so many allergies, I think he decided to share them with the children, Josiah in particular. We haven’t done the allergy testing for him, yet, but Josiah seems to suffer the most with stuffed up noses and the like.

On our last trip to the ER with Josiah, they used this neat little ‘nose sucker’ on him that worked beautifully! Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of those items they send home with you, altho at the prices they charge they should! Anyway, I found one that was just like it in a pricey catalog, and was thrilled when we found it on Amazon at half the price. No tax or shipping, it was the best deal I found and really hoped it worked like the one in the hospital.

I received it yesterday, and I LOVE IT! How I wish I’d had it years ago. It may not be quite as powerful as the one they used in the hospital, but it works in seconds. What used to be a wrestling match now is so quick he hardly knows what happened. It has a cup that saves it all (oh boy!) so you can see how much you really got out, and I know it’s much more than the manual bulb aspirator ever did. It seems to get all that watery discharge, too, which if any of you have a child with that constant runny nose knows…saves all that tissue wiping that results in terrible redness and soreness.

So, I’m thrilled with this little device, and it is so worth the money. I can only speak for the Bebe Sounds brand, Graco makes one, too. They are about the same price, and they both have music. I think they could’ve dropped the music – it only makes them want to grap it and play with it. Maybe it distracts other children the way it’s intended, but I’d suggest they drop the music if it would drop the price! Now that I’ve used it, I’d even pay more if I had to. Definitely going on the best baby shower gifts list!

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