Start a Blog OR a “Blog-SOS” Business!

There’s not too many families right now that aren’t feeling the squeeze of the economy.  Proverbs 31 addresses rather well what our response should be –

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. ~Proverbs 31:25-26

I’m so thankful that many women are responding with action rather than fear, and “MOMPRENEURS” are becoming quite the item in the last year!  One of the actions that is proving to be quite convenient AND profitable is blogging.  Sharing what you know, encouraging others, or even writing blogs for others are all ways that “faithful instruction can be on our tongues….”

When, you ask, do you fit in blogging into your already packed day?

She sees that her trading is profitable,  and her lamp does not go out at night. ~Proverbs 31:18

I asked Ann Zeise, author and founder of the largest and oldest homeschool site online what her best time management tip was. She told me that getting up very early and working while letting the kids ‘sleep in’, then again at night when they go to bed. She also suggests that you give every child a task according to their ability.

I am still learning to budget my time as tightly as my money and calories, but it is an area of stewardship we often overlook. We all have the same amount of time, while we don’t all have the same organizational abilities. The important thing is to use our talents to the best of our ability.

Aaahh . . . but is your trading profitable?

Blogging can be a hobby or a business. It’s not easy to make money blogging, but it is important to be deliberate about making it profitable. It’s very easy to spend all your time on a blog that is pretty and popular, but that’s taking time away from other important things that you could be doing. We’re working on a list of ways to increase your blog’s profitability. For now, you can Google it. There are many, many blogs out there that deal with just better blogging.

Start a Blog SOS Biz!

This was the original purpose of this post, because I found it VERY difficult to find help with the technicalities of WordPress. If you are good with design, or html, or know you could learn it fairly quickly, then you have a trade that could make money!  WordPress isn’t terribly hard to learn, if I can do it, you can do it! The problem is, it takes time and sometimes it’s more ‘profitable’ to hire someone than take the hours upon hours to figure it out yourself. Like blogging, you can fit your work into the hours available in your current schedule.

While finding technical help for a WordPress blog was near impossible for me, I seriously doubt that there is a shortage of small home businesses doing this out there. I’ve had a home business and/or helped my husband and others with theirs for over 30 years and if there is one lesson I’ve learned is that the success of any business is in the marketing. You can have the best or the worst product or service to offer and with the right marketing, it can succeed. We’ve all bought one of those products that a great TV commercial has convinced us of the need for, only to discover it wasn’t worth the packaging it came in.

What am I saying? Market your biz. Get the word out about your business. If you don’t know how, do the research or hire someone. Most people don’t like this process, but it’s as necessary as watching your calories on a daily basis-it all adds up! Proverbs 31 is pretty clear on doing what we can to bring in a little extra (to buy that field!)… so if you have a talent that could help or benefit others, market it!

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