Free Interactive Landscape Design Tool


You are going to love this. It’s free, so we love it already, right? The download is quick and safe, because it’s from If you’re not familiar with or, it’s a clearinghouse for all the best downloads, and is hands down the safest place to download ANYTHING from. actually deserves it’s own post as a highly recommended site to find all sorts of fun stuff that’s safe to download – but that’s another day.

Show is an easy place to virtually create the landscape of your dreams. You can use your own photo of your home, or use one of theirs that fits your home’s basic shape and terrain. Try different plants, watch them grow, or see what others have done with similar yards. It’s surprisingly easy, and once finished you can upload your design and let others see it, or get bids from local landscapers to have it done! The community section is great to ask questions, get ideas, solve problems, and more.

The best part is all the real life examples that others have uploaded that will give you more ideas than you can imagine. I love gardening and making my yard look nice, but more than once I’ve planted things that just didn’t work. They either grew WAY too big or didn’t grow at all after an entire season of nurturing them.

I have purchased three of the top landscaping programs over the years AND tried several of the online landscaping design programs, and this one is my favorite so far. . . And it’s free!

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