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There is so much buzz online about making money with blogs, yet little practical advice on how to actually DO it…unless you want to buy one of those expensive ebooks! The inconvenient truth about making money with blogs is that it isn’t easy – or quick. It takes time and diligence to create a blog that will pay the bills yet  it can be done. So don’t quit your day job yet, but the sooner you get started the better. Successful blogs need to have a history.

So what can you do while you’re developing your blog to make money? I’m so glad you asked. Write for other blogs! Many, many large businesses are starting blog because it’s currently the hottest marketing ticket out there. Then there’s the entrepreneurial dreamer that has a blog idea and wants to develop it FAST. That’s where you come in. If you have reasonable writing skills and can do online research, you can find paid blogging jobs.

What to expect

When you apply for a blogging job, you may be asked to write one post or to commit to writing 2-5 times/week indefinitely. Posts are usually 300-500 words in length and pay anywhere from .50 to $100, averaging $10-20 each. There are those that will pay per post, on salary, and/or pay according to the traffic your post generates. Beware of jobs with new blogs that offer pay on future revenue. That future revenue may never materialize, so keep that in mind.  Craigslist is another source of jobs that you need to be cautious with. While there are many legitimate offers originating from Craigslist, it’s also a scam haven. Don’t give out any personal info like your SSN, bank account numbers, Paypal passwords (email is fine), or other “ways to deposit your payment” until you have done your research. If you are accepted as a blogger, you probably will be asked to fill out a W-9 which needs your SSN, just be sure to check out the company and make sure it’s legitimate – especially if the ad came from Craigslist. Use common sense and your gut instincts.

I’ve mentioned this resource before because it’s one of the best sources of jobs for anyone that wants to work at home.  Genuine Jobs gathers the best work at home opps from all over the internet and lists them in one place – for free. Over the past 4 years, I’ve tried several paid services with job listings of this type looking for good a resource to pass along and none even come close to this free service. To be honest, I really can’t believe they don’t charge for their service, but enjoy it while you can!

Another excellent place to visit if you’re developing a blog or looking for paid blogging jobs is This is the go-to place for reliable advice on anything to do with creating a profitable blog. It only makes sense that he has a classifieds section where you might find a credible paid blogging job. The biggest advantage to applying to these jobs is that the employer has paid $50 to post it, so you aren’t wasting your time.

Here you are taken to a front page where you can type in “blogger” or whatever type of work at home situation you are looking for. When you leave the location field blank, you will get results from a large variety of websites.

I just found this site and was pleasantly surprised and look forward to learning more about Deborah Ng and her blog. In her own words she describes her site as “a little writing leads blog run by a “mommy blogger” <that has grown> to the number one online community for freelance writers”. Visually appealing, her blog looks like an ideal spot for a WAHM to hang out! Weblogs Forum

I really love and the quality information they offer about what ever subject you’re looking for. “Weblogs” is a little confusing to some, because I’ve found that many still don’t know that ‘web-log’ is where the word ‘blog’ comes from! To be honest, I still run into people that don’t know what a blog is! This Weblog offers practical advice on how to start a blog, and how to grow it to the point of making money with it. The forum they offer contains a healthy list of paid blogging offers.

There are other places to find paid blogging offers, but these should keep you busy and make the best use of your time. Anyone have any insider’s tips?

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