Free Online Geometry Resources For Your Homeschool

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Looking for an online geometry course or resources to supplement what you may already have? Here you go!

Ed Helper offers a wealth of information for elementary to  high school, from weekly lessons to printables to charts and more:

An interactive geometry website:

A full 9th grade online geometry course:

The Teacher’s Cafe has a list of geometry resources and worksheets for grades 4-12:

The Geometry Junkyard – just like it says, it’s a dump of miscellaneous resources, clips, ideas, worksheets, etc for teachers:

Internet 4 Classrooms – I’ll let you do the digging, this is a great site for any parent or teacher that’s involved with their child’s learning.

If you know of more to add, please leave it in the comments. Thanks!

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  5. Johnie Zarek November 22, 2011 at 3:19 am Reply

    This really does work I gave it to my son and he is only 7 he had to stay home from schoolfor 2 days because I couldn’t get him in to see his doctor for a few days so I called my mom and she told me to try it and he has not had any more sore throat and he said that the only thing that burn was his lips so this is even good for kids if they know how to gargle

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