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IdeasEveryone has those flashes of genius with a solution for all those little problems and annoyance of everyday life. Then, when we see someone making millions with “our” idea, it’s painful!

Inventive Parent is a place to shop and view many of the inventions of parents just like you. You will love some of the solutions, and I guarantee that at some point you will say “I had that idea!” Their prices are very reasonable, and free shipping is available.  There is even a price comparison feature on site, that helps these inventors compete with similar inventions to give them a little more power to compete with the big boys.

One of my favorites is an idea that I’ve had ever since I had to potty train three boys – flushable targets. They come in an attractive container to keep by the commode and gives little boys something to aim at to, uh, keep them focused – if you know what I mean!

You will love seeing some of the unique ideas, while some are ingenius improvements on existing ideas. Hopefully, it will inspire you think about moving forward on your own ‘million-dollar’ idea. The website also offers resources and helps on where to start and how it’s actually done when someone decides to do something with their idea.

They are remodeling their website, so give them extra grace if you encounter a glitch. I like their analogy – “remodeling a website is a little like having a dinner party while redoing your kitchen”.

Check out Inventive Parents.com

Other good resources for the inventor in you:


http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/resources/ The TV show and some awesome resources!

http://www.everydayedisons.com/ Another amazing reality show for inventors that has a host of resources. Watch episodes online.

http://inventorspot.com A hilarious blog for you inventor-types that looks very interesting!

Have a child that is constantly inventing thing?

Here’s the place for them! Invent Now.org

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