10 Cold Sore Remedies That Work & a Free Sample of Lipclear Lysine

111 cold soreIf you have ever had a cold sore, it’s not fun. Let’s not even talk about how painful they can be, but they are so unsightly it feels like you have a flashing red light with an arrow pointing to it, doesn’t it? We have weeded out all the chaff and listed what experienced cold sore sufferers want to know: what really works. I haven’t had one in many years, but this week I had one and thought I’d find and list all the (plausible) remedies that moms (and myself) have found to be effective for those monsters that can make life miserable and make you feel like you look like a leper. Especially at that time of year EVERYBODY is taking pictures!

Everyone has their way of dealing with this atrocity, but I have not listed some of the treatments I thought were abusive or downright dangerous like using nail polish remover or popping the blisters with lancets (argh). Please, know that we are just passing along the ideas that have worked or sound safe. We are not ‘giving advice’, either. (You get my drift, right?)

There are links to more useful info at the bottom of this post AND a way to order a free sample of LipClear with Lysine Plus.

Hope this helps!

Aloe plant

1. Aloe Vera Plant Gel – A legacy left to me by my grandmother, the minute I feel the tingle of a cold sore coming on, applying some real aloe gel (from the plant in the Aloe leafwindowsill) on the ‘tingle’ always stops it dead in its tracks. Only the live plant seems to work here. I keep a live aloe plant growing JUST for this purpose (you know it’s great for burns, too). I don’t know why processed aloe has no effect, but once again, ONLY the live aloe gel from a live plant works. Have I mentioned it has to be LIVE gel? If you get cold sores, this is a remedy that really works, but only if you catch it at the very beginning. I’ll leave finding a living aloe plant up to you.

2. Lysine – Some lip balms designed to treat cold sores contain lysine, but taking lysine internally seems to be the remedy of choice. I’m sure you know about this because Lysine is mentioned in every single list of cold sore remedies we looked at, both internally and externally. The recommended amount of internal Lysine really varies, so I’m leaving that to you. Be sure to check out our link at the bottom of this post to a free sample of LipClear with Lysine+ and the coupon code to find lysine cheap online.

Foods that are high in lysine are: Dairy products; cheese, yogurt, milk, Chicken, Beef, Beets, Apricots and figs, Avocado, Apples, Soybeans, Fish.

3. Zinc – Since cold sores can be brought on by stress and/or compromised immune systems, a zinc lozenge is a good idea, too. Taking 5-10 mg is a good idea, too. Zinc is always a help in supporting your immune system when it’s struggling.

4. Licorice – An ingredient in licorice, known as glycyrrhizic acid, has been shown to actually inhibit the virus that causes cold sores. Just make sure you have real licorice, not something flavored like licorice. You can find this at Mother Nature.com. Right now, Mother Nature is offerichemist - 200 x 299ng free shipping and no tax. Use the coupon code LSAVE15 and save 15%, too.

5. Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops – This is another one I had not heard of that must be done at the first ‘tingle’ of the cold sore, and is from http://www.susangaer.com/studentprojects/coldsore.htm :

. . . drop the solution (Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops) onto the cold sore, maybe three or four times in an hour. I would gently rub the drops into the skin
and there was considerable ‘run-off.’ I would allow my lip to dry and re-apply. I noticed that the burning tingle was diminishing so
I continued until I no longer felt it.

6. Milk. This was a surprising remedy, but I guess there is an enzyme in milk that can promote healing and help relieve pain. Soak some cotton balls in milk and keep them in the refrigerator and place on the cold sore as needed.

7. Avoid foods rich in arginine.

The virus that causes cold sores evidently feeds on arginine so avoid them as much as you can. These include chocolate, grain cereals, cola, peas, peanuts, gelatine and beer. See the article on finding your triggers that cause your cold sores to prevent flare-ups. (See the list of foods high in lysine that counter the cold sore virus.

8. Abreva. Aside from the prescription solutions that many talk about (expensive, but most say it works) the over the counter Abreva has good reviews. You can find it at any drugstore and most grocery stores.

9. All the rest

Ice,, Tea Tree Oil, Emu Oil, Myrhh, cornstarch paste, CamphoPhenic, Hydrogen Peroxide are all mentioned as helpful. The first thing I do is pray! If you have something that works for you, leave a comment and share!

10. Stay Healthy (Duh…)

I know that each person has something that works for them, but the bottomline is to find and avoid your triggers and stay healthy. This time of year it’s easy to lose sleep and eat too much sugar which will lower your immune system and open you up to anything that comes around. What more can I say? You know what to do. (lots of sleep, water, fruits, veges, exercise, fresh air, wash your hands constantly, etc, etc,)

An idea to cover up cold sores effectively:

Thought it was worth mentioning this idea if you need to cover up the cold sore. I’m sure you have found that just using make-up to conceal a cold sore only brings more attention to the area. Here is an idea from http://www.susangaer.com/studentprojects/coldsore.htm that may really work:

Also as an added tip, if you need to go somewhere and need to cover it up the best way is to first put visine on q-tips and freeze them. Use one right before you are going out directly on the red mark. Then cover it up with a bit of liquid foundation. This may sound weird but it works amazingly.

Remember to change your toothbrush!

Your toothbrush can harbor the evil bacteria from the cold sore and recur. Get a new toothbrush after the blister has formed and again after the attack has cleared up. It’s worth it.

More information can be found from the websites we found most of this information:



A reliable overview of what exactly a cold sore is, and what causes it can be found at:

WebMD: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/tc/cold-sores-topic-overview

1112 lysineFree trial sample of LipClear with Lysine+

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    I saw the ad for the Lysine+ sample in a webmd magazine. Unfortunately, it seems mail-people lost one of the samples and the coupons, so I had to call back and request another sample. Thanks for posting the phone number here, as I no longer have the magazine to refer to. 🙂

    I’ve been using Lysine+ ointment for chapped lips & cold sores for years. It’s a good product.

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