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If you have been thinking you would love-love-love to have a business online, or just a business of your own, you may have already discovered that there is more information online than you could EVER read – or even filter through!

Soooo, where do you start?

You want to spend that precious little time that is erroneously called “extra” working on your new business, NOT filtering all those thousands of scams and ads wit ulterior motives. Momma’s Choice is not in the business of telling you what to do, but we do work hard to find and filter out the garbage – leaving you with all the resources that will help you achieve your dream.

Why do we do this for free?

Why do we do this for free when everyone else either charges for it (or plans to pop a product on you to purchase in order to access those resources…)? We are simply moms like you and it has been quite a bumpy journey finding a way to make extra money at home. From the beginning, from the first wasted $39.95 with disappointing, even humiliating results, MC was started so that we could share – along with encouraging other moms to share, also – our failures (and successes!) with other moms to expedite their journey. Granted, there is so much more to learn, but we think it’s a good place to start.

Sharing is sooo nice!

OK, truth be told, this blog IS the way we have chosen to make a little money from home so we don’t need to leave our families. (not that it’s a bad thing if you do have an outside job-we understand!) But it’s the choice we both had a passion for – to share with other moms the best of the best online….AND ultimately find a way and make a place that other moms can share their discoveries, too. We all benefit when we help each other.

If you’d like to see how we make money blogging, go to our Online BIZ page (currently under construction)  and we tell all! If you are really bored, you can read our vision for Momma’s Choice here:

So! If becoming a mompreneur is something you have always dreamed of, or you just really need the money and don’t want to leave home to work a J-O-B…try watching this video first and listen to one woman’s reasons why she thinks moms make the best entrepreneurs. Although this video deals with more than just home business, inspirational videos seem to really help get those creative gears moving.

How do I find the right idea?

This video is one of the best illustrations explaining  how seeing and meeting a need is the best way to  create a product or service that people will buy. Developing the skill of looking for unmet needs in your corner of the world is what has made many mothers successful. Listen to the many examples in this video:

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  1. Mai Martha April 27, 2013 at 5:14 am Reply

    Of course, starting a business in these sectors is by no means a guarantee of success; nor can we be certain that these sectors will take off as forecasts and anecdotal evidence suggests. To succeed as a start-up, no matter what your specialism, you need the right business model, pricing, positioning, product or service, and a lot of hard work to stand a chance of success – and it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the viability of your idea before you take the plunge. –

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