The Meaning of Colors

colors can make you happyEver wonder why you always feel happy in some rooms and sad in others?

The use of colors as a way to sway our emotions and the way we think is a well known and frequently used advertising technique. I am not saying that there is anything magical about colors, but there are many studies on how certain colors affect our subconscious.

Since we would like to include on Momma’s Choice as many useful, fun and interesting online finds as we can, I thought I’d throw this one in.

White conveys innocence, purity, perfection, safety, and cleanliness. Brides
traditionally have worn white to pronounce their virginity.
In heraldry, white depicts faith and purity with angelic overtones and also
represents a successful beginning.
Used frequently in advertising and associated with coolness and cleanliness
because it’s the color of snow and suggests simplicity in high-tech products.

Representing authority and power, priests wear black to symbolize their submission
to God (even though black often indicates evil). Women have traditionally worn black when grieving.

The most emotionally intense color, it physically stimulates our
heart to beat faster and our breathing. The color of love, as well as
the bulleye in a target. Statistics show that red cars are in more accidents.

Known to be the most romantic and tranquilizing. The Cancer Foundation
painting a wallhas done a good job establishing pink to represent the support of breast cancer

Well known in advertising as a color that conveys trust, it creates
the opposite reaction psychologically that red does. Blues are
often used to decorate bedrooms because it actually causes the body
to produce calming chemicals! Blue is not only known for its peace and tranquility,
but weightlifters lift more in blue gyms, wearing blue to job interviews conveys
loyalty, and people tend to be more productive in blue rooms. Amazing.

Calming, refreshing, relaxing, the color green is currently the most popular
with decorators. Symbolizing nature, green is used in hospitals to relax patients.

Attention-getting, cheerful, and optimistic – so why do people tend to lose
their temper more often in yellow rooms? It’s been shown to enhance concentration,
speed up our metabolism, but is the most difficult color for the eye to take in.

Babies also cry more in yellow rooms. Time to re-paint!

The color of royalty, luxury and wealth. Feminine, romantic, sophisticated,
it can also appear artificial.

Earthy, natural and genuine, brown implies reliability. Men tend to choose brown
as a favorite color despite its  sad and wistful tendencies.


Read the article below to learn more about the above colors and why our flag’s colors are red, white and blue.

You’ll also learn why
red will stimulate your appetite and blue will kill it. I’m painting my kitchen blue today!


Using colors to decorate your house:   A software program to create harmonious color schemes based on color theory. Click here to see sample color schemes created with Color Wheel Pro.   Take the global color survey!

For Homeschoolers: Do a unit study on color! Start here – the history of color and why we see colors the way we do:

An overview of color theory:

Color Scheme Designer is a free online application for quickly and easily producing harmonious color schemes.

The meaning of different flowers is something I’d like to know, too – maybe next time….unless you know of a site to share on that?

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