Two Amazing 7 yr old Musicians You Have To See (actually HEAR!)

I just wanted to share two amazing young musicians, one of which has been referred to as the next Mozart. Emily Bear was discovered by her grandmother when only 2 years old while babysitting her when mom was away. You’ll hear the rest of the story and hear her play here:


Then, there’s the sweet voice of 7 yo Kaitlyn Maher singing ‘What Child is This’. I noticed that she was listed as 5 years old one place but 7 years old (same setting, etc.) in another, so I’ll let you figure that out. Be sure to listen until the end of this brief video, she really illustrates her natural talent as she finishes. She’ll bless your heart.


If you have time for more amazing stories of talent amidst adversity, check these out:

A homeless boy that raised himself that will amaze you with his voice:

A 5 yr old girl born with out eyeballs and left to die that can play a song on the piano after hearing it once:

A teen with a voice that comes from the heart that was found with his brother in a war zone, both with limbs damaged beyond belief: (this will make you cry)


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