Make Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Wash

fruit and vegetable washYou won’t believe how easy and cheap this MYO Fruit & Vegetable Wash is. The ingredient you are going to use may go against everything you previously believed, but this came straight from Organic Gardening:

Soak non-organic fruit and vegetables in a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon Clorox per gallon of water for 10 to 15 minutes. This neutralizes the pesticide residues. Use only Clorox, no other brand.(Clorox brand is organic).

There is alot of controversy over chlorine bleach. It may be ‘organic’, but you still need to be very careful with it. Belladonna is organic, too, but it will also kill you if you ingest it. (here’s a list of all the poisonous plants). Just be sure to remember these “onlys”:

  • – Use only name brand CLOROX. (there may be other safe brands, but this one I know for sure and is available everywhere)
  • -Use only 1/2 teaspoon-(this time be sure to measure it, you non-measurers…. )


Other Safe Uses For all that Left-over Clorox :   

Emergency Water Purification

You should always have some name brand Clorox on hand for emergency water purification. Here is a chart of measurements to print out and tape inside a cabinet door:

          How to purify water in an emergency with Clorox:

clean everything!Sanitize Everything!

You may not want to use Clorox on an everyday basis, but after a serious illness or outbreak of MRSA or the like, Clorox does the trick (we’ll try to post other more natural alternatives like Thyme oil or Tea Tree Oil soon, too)

Deal Seeking Mom posts in her blog how much she liked a product sent to her to try and how she found she could make her own for just pennies:

Anyone have uses for Clorox or ways to clean and disinfect their home?

OK, I get it. Many of you will not use Clorox for any reason, rightfully so. An alternative suggested to me by many of my readers is VINEGAR. We have an article on using Vinegar here: So Many Ways To Use Vinegar!

Love to hear from you! Just comment below…

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