Save 15% on Scott Toilet Paper AND a $1.50 Coupon! -Expires Soon

Toilet paper deal Scott TPIf you are a very frugal mom (or really, any caregiver!) and have done the math, then you know that Scott Toilet Paper is probably the best deal for the money if you aren’t picky about the ‘cushion-y soft’ perk. It doesn’t shred like the generic knock-offs, and it’s the best of this class of toilet paper. AND…when you get it on sale, it’s a real money saver especially if you have lots of ‘users’ or someone that just doesn’t get that you don’t need half a roll per sit! (like our house….)

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program 

If you aren’t familiar how Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program works, I’ll write a brief post explaining it in efforts to keep THIS post short- I’ll explain it here: Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program.  In short, you can cancel your subscription at any time and there is no  binding agreement of any sort. Just savings. You will also lock your price in.

The bottom line is- you can buy 20 rolls of Scott TP for the equivilant of only $14.67!   (in TN, that’s with no tax, no shipping!)

Listed right now on Amazon for $ 20.63 for 20 rolls, delivered to your door is already a decent price especially if you are in a place you need to buy it without waiting for a super-sale or coupons. (Toilet paper is just one of those things you can’t run out, ya know….!)

BUT….save another 5% by ordering with  S & S (Subscribe & Save ) and if you have a total of FIVE S & S (Subscribe & Save ) deals in your cart within the month you recieve delivery of anything you order with this program, then you will receive 15% off ALL FIVE S & S deal in  your cart!

Here’s the math:

– 5% = $19.60 / 20 rolls

AND currently there is a coupon for another $1.50 off which makes it:

$19.60 – $ 1.50 =  $18.10 / 20 rolls  THEN…

take the entire 15%   (Subscribe & Save ) off and …

$20.63 – 15% =  $17.53 – coupon of $1.50 =  $16.03 for 20 rolls! That’s only $ 0.83 per roll! I really like having that huge pkg delivered to your door, too.

Then…. I also calculate in how much I additionally save by subtracting our t a x by dividing $16.03 by (TN)  9.25 %  which comes to

$14.67 for 20 rolls! That’s $0.73/roll.

I’m sure you super saver-couponers can get it cheaper, but this is a great price and you”ll save time by not needing to look for another sale on TP for awhile.

That can really add up-and did I mention…it’s  really nice to have it delivered for free to your doorstep! 🙂

Here’s the link:

More Subscribe & Save deals coming tomorrow…we’re going to help you find 5 super deals on Amazon so you get that extra 15% off. Anyone know of any deals they are willing to share in the comments?


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