The Top 10 States For Long Life Expectancy

US map“Live long & prosper” is a saying that actually originated from the Bible, but has been heard quoted everywhere from Star Trek to Oprah. Some people live life without a thought to their health and longevity, while others spend the majority of their time doing everything they know to lengthen their lives. So where do those that have the longest life spans live?

Want some good news, ladies? It seems women have a greater healthy life expectancy than men across all 50 states. However, these studies show living in the south does not work to your advantage, apparently due to their high obesity rate (among other factors).


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hawaii’s population lives on the average to 81.2 years while those in the lowest-ranking state of Mississippi only live to 75.8.

Here are the top 10 states for long life:

#1: Hawaii; 81.2
#2: Connecticut
#3: Minnesota
#4: Florida
#5: Colorado
#6: Vermont
#7: New Hampshire
#8: Washington
#9: Arizona
#10: Massachusetts

live longSo…what are the 10 worst states for life expectancy? How did the CDC determine their results? You’ll have to read the rest of the story at .

What about California?

I was a little surprised that California wasn’t on the top 10 list, so digging a little deeper, I found two other sites* that placed California in the top FIVE! This is just another example of one of my favorite ‘mom-isms’: “10 people, 10 opinions’.….which is another way of saying, “Don’t believe everything you read!” (especially on the internet!) Always do your own research if what you are believing is important to your life and/or family. (and that is one thing that Momma’s Choice wants to help you with!)



The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has an extensive data base of facts and figures on any aspect of health you can think of relating to every state in the US as well as globally. Read more about what contributes to a healthy life (in their opinion..) at the CDC sponsored site: .

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