Best Natural Fabric Softener – and it’s cheap!

vinegar-bottleI was skeptical at first when I read this, but after trying it, I’m a believer. Try pouring 1/2 – 1 cup of white vinegar  into your final rinse and you will be amazed at how soft and fresh your clothes will be.

I love it when our clothes smell nice too, and I admit,  I’ll still occasionally buy those softeners that smell sooo good . . .  but have you ever bought a bottle of scented softener that you really didn’t like after you used it? (it smelled so good in the store!)

So using vinegar will not only save money, but save my family and I from smelling like a freshly cleaned gas station bathroom periodly (you see, even if I don’t like the smell much, I’ll still use it – could YOU throw it away? I didn’t think so!)

It’s also helpful to sprinkle in some baking soda while your washer is filling up at the start of the wash cycle, too. There’s some chemical synergy thing-y where the baking soda starts the process and the vinegar finishes the job.

Sorry about all the technical terms and detailed explaination on that here, but that’s what Momma’s Choice is all about….quick and to the point! Time is of the essence! Try it…

Now…any ideas on how to buy vinegar at a decent price? It sure has gone up in price!


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