Is The Food In Your Refrigerator Safe?

I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how to organize your refrigerator better and safer, and now .. ta-da! you will be the neighborhood expert!

How To Know If The Food In Your Refrigerator Is Safe

Honestly, it is pretty important to insure all the food you store in your refrigerator or out is safe at all times to eat. I never worried too much about it, usually doing the ‘sniff test’ with my super-sensitive nose was how I measured if the food was still good.

After nursing my husband and youngest son for almost a year (that’s 12 months!) back to digestive health after food poisoning, and hearing that another relative was positively diagnosed with Ecoli I have paid much more attention to all the food safety rules, etc. (see links below).

All your questions are answered at a very thorough, trustworth, and informative website from National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC).

Where Do I Get Food Poisoning?

Here is a list of the major foood-born illnessees, their symptons, and where they are currently manifesting. Yes, they could be commonly found at your favorite restaurant or grocery store!

Now! What you can do at home….

1. Wash your hands…(duh)

2. Wash your produce as soon as you bring it home.

3. Follow the food safety rules, and keep it fresh in your frige- here is what I promised you.

Refrigerator Revamp Guide



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