Free Educational Apps To Teach Reading

educational appsThere are so many amazing apps available and it’s only getting better. I’m a baby boomer that has tried to keep up with technology, but when it came to smart phones and all those app-thingy-type thingys I’ve been slow in keeping up. Recently I was researching educational apps for my grandchildren; Kindle and was in awe what was available. Some time soon I’d like to have a place to add all the best apps for moms, what d’ya think?

Well, to start our collection of all the best apps for moms, here’s some links with lists of educational apps that are worth your time. If you don’t have an ipad or an Android based device, then I encourage you to get one. (See Choosing a Tablet or Ipad – or something to run apps on!). You may think you can’t afford one, but you can’t afford NOT to have one! There are so many apps offering coupons and codes at your fingertips that you will soon wonder how you ever got along without it.

Anyway, back to the subject you came for. (sorry)

Free Educational Apps That Teach Reading

PBS Learn & Play

Learn With Homer

Khan Academy (beware of lame knock-offs)

Hands down the best website to find educational apps for your device, both Android and iPads:  ( )

Check back soon as we add more golden finds!

Thinking about taking the plunge? Learn more here:

Compare the different Kindles: Compare Kindles (scroll down towards bottom of page)

Save on Certified Refurbished 1st Generation Kindle

Considering an iPad? Now available in ‘mini’! (7″ screen)

Do you have a device you’d like to recommend – or warn others about? Comment below!

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