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Boring? Maybe, but we thought you’d like to read our vision and mission…and, well,  the Disclosure Policy is mandatory.  

We’d LOVE to hear from you and what you think. Honest! (email us at moms (at) mommaschoice.com)

How can we bless you?

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Momma’s Choice is all about YOU – and the choices you are faced with daily – sometimes hourly!

That sounded like a commercial, didn’t it? Well, it’s hard to express exactly what was in our hearts when we first began to formulate Momma’s Choice.  All we knew was we knew there was so much to be found online that would help us not only BE better mothers, but enjoy it more, too. What we found is that we either spent WAAAY too much time searching out what we needed, or we had to settle for what the search engines gave us at the top of the list.

We did start to find incredible websites by other moms…and more resources that were amazing. However, it was surprising to find out that most moms didn’t know about many of these great finds and we loved sharing it all…but time was not our best friend…at least it didn’t seem so at the time. (no pun intended…)

So we began to put all our great finds and time-sapping resource findings together and started a blog with everything  we thought other moms would like, too.

It all comes back to what other moms like you need to enjoy the best job in the world:

The Job of Mothering.    (yes, I said ENJOY)

I don’t have to tell you that our job isn’t easy, but underneath . . .

the sleepless nights,a yellow daisy

over-scheduled schedule,

and mounds of laundry,

and, as difficult as it can sometimes be . .

admit it . . .you love being a mom. (If you don’t, then you might not like Momma’s Choice very much..sorry.)

The world tries to tell us we really don’t like being a stay-at-home mom, or even a working mom with a stay-at-home heart. . . .and- if you are in that camp and don’t want to be convinced there IS a way to truly enjoy the most blessed job on earth , then you probably won’t like Momma’s Choice. Maybe another time…see ya later.

If you do enjoy being a mom, or at least would like to…then you know that the internet is one’s of the best kept secrets for moms. However, it can be one of the biggest hinderances to enjoying motherhood if it robs you of all your precious “extra time” (I know, there is no such thing, but that’s another blog post…).

Momma’s Choice was started to share all the exciting tidbits, tips, encouragement, great buys, websites, ideas, solutions, (etc, etc, etc) with other moms that take their  profession as a Home Executive seriously. It’s one of those jobs that rank among the most important – yet we’re expected to excel with no training, no manual (except maybe the Bible…) and no hired staff.

Even in days of long ago, women often lived with other women like their mothers, sisters, and other relatives and there were always other skilled mothers to help and train you in difficult times. Encouraging, loving, understanding help has been replaced with dishwashers, washing machines, other modern day ‘conveniences’. Granted, we can also write another post on the pros and cons of having a washing machine instead of living with your mother-in-law, but not today… :o)

Our ultimate mission is to to find as much online as possible that moms (like YOU) love and need the most to help you enjoy your season of motherhood and do the job you want to do.  Before the kids are grown up and living on their own!

Things like:

Inspiration – An area we all run low on at times. We all live fairly isolated lives, but our hope is that Momma’s Choice could bring moms together to inspire and encourage each other. . . A kind word or short personal story might change a life…you don’t want to miss out on that, now do you?

Saving, making & managing money –  is a huge part of our daily lives regardless of our economic status. It’s not always the cheapest price you want to find, but the SMARTEST buy that will accomplish whatever it is you are doing at the time.  However, it’s easy to waste WAY too much time doing this despite its importance.  Hopefully, we can help you save some time AND money! Check out our Work At Home page!

Parenting, marriage and family advice – Never has it been a bigger challenge to raise children and keep a family together and healthy. Obviously, we are not experts, or even close, but we hope to provide ways to find the best advice – from other moms. We would also like to share ideas on keeping a marriage alive and well!

Homeschooling Help – There are many websites out there that will give you ideas, resources, reviews, and more. Let us help you find them!

Health – We would like to expand our section on keeping your family healthy. Resources on natural health for yourself, your children and during pregnancy can include everything from quick & easy dinners that are good for you to choosing good medical care to herbal remedies! Have you ever thought of growing your own pharmacy in your back yard? Staying healthy also includes keeping your weight where you would like it to be . . .

Then we hope to compile much of this into . . 

Resources and Directories of great place, great websites, websites run by other moms like you, local referrals, and more are all in the future for Momma’s Choice.

Sure, you could find all this yourself, but do you really have the time? We would like to see you spend more of your time with your family . . . and so do you, right?.

So there it is. My daughter and I do our best to post what we think might help you achieve this.

BUT-we need your help!

What YOU can do:

We’d love to post what YOU love the most, your best advice, your favorite recipe, or whatever you would like to share. We Love IDEAS!! So, let us know how you managed to get through the holiday season in one piece, or your favorite toilet paper, or where you found that fabulous purse for half price.

Do unto others as …well, you know how it works. What goes around comes around. Let us know what works for you. Facebook is where you can post your golden finds and ideas…in less than a minute-so……

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Between my daughter and I, we have over 40 years of mom-experience, 9 children, 2 children with special needs (Hurler’s Syndrome(4 yrs old), Down Syndrome (19 yo) and A.D.D.  (if that counts..)

We most definitely don’t have all the answers, which is why we need YOUR input!

We do know how tough it is to find the time and resources you need sometimes.

TIME…we all have the same amount, but where does it go?

So that’s our mission. We’ll post our results of the research that we do as well as the best deals and advice we’ve invested our time in and we hope you will, too.

Thank you.

Together, we can make the world of mothering a better experience. Don’t go it alone. Remember, you have so much to give that other moms could benefit from. Please share.



I thought so. We would love to consider your guest post, so send us what you have and we can go from there. We’re not looking for professionals, but real mom-experience-type-stuff. All we would like is:

-An email address (so we can get ahold of you)

-A link to your website or blog

-Original written by you copy-not something copied from someone else or copy you have submitted to other sites

Send what you have to:

moms @ mommaschoice.com


Now, for the legal stuff:

Our disclosure policy is as follows:

We would like you to know that some of the links and ads on Momma’s Choice are paid, or technically known as ‘affiliate’ links becaue.. . .

(Proverbs 31:18 – She makes sure her dealings are profitable; her lamp burns late into the night.)

  • This blog is our home business, and our intention and responsibility before God is to make a profit. Therefore, many links and posts are paid. While many are not paid, if we could monetize them, we would.
  • We will never post or link to anything we don’t completely believe in or think is worthwhile.
  • We would love for you to benefit from what we offer sooo much that you can’t wait to return to our website, but would tell a friend about Momma’s Choice.com.
  • Please know – without a shadow of a doubt – that we will NEVER mislead you for any reason.
  • You will ALWAYS get a 100% honest review and will remove any links or advertising that are not worth every penny they charge. Please take a minute and let us know if something we offer is not what it seems. Email us at: moms@mommaschoice.com
  • We will also never advocate any company with a questionable reputation. Please let us know if you have any concerns about any ads, links or posts on any of our websites. You would be doing not only us a favor, but all your fellow moms.(see our email above)
  •  I apologize for outdated links, we try to remove them when they expire, but while we would like to keep Momma’s Choice up to date, we would rather spend time posting NEW deals for you. Like you, our time is limited. We will try to date all offers so you don’t waste time following an expired ad. We are human.
  • Our first priority is maintaining integrity before God, and our next priority is to help you be a better, happier mother and if desired, start your own home business. This is our home business, and we do this as a way to help provide for our families-and our mission is submitted to God regularly.
  • We would love to hear from you and appreciate your prayers. Actually, we NEED your prayers!
  • As much as we love what we do, we WILL make mistakes. We ask for your grace and forgiveness for the shortcomings of Momma’s Choice. We are not a large company with a web developer-we are two moms that can only make it by the Grace of God…just like you.
  •  If you would LOVE your help! Email us at: moms@mommaschoice.com.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life!


It feels sooooo good to share with others.  So please share your opinions, your shopping finds, your helpful hints, your blog,  reviews, deals, cool websites, funny videos, inspiring media of any kind, and if you have parenting advice that has worked for you – just email us! Have pictures you’d like to share? We love those too!

Our Contact Information:

Email: moms (at) mommaschoice.com

(new) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mommas-Choice/217895378239431

(also new) Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/mommaschoice

(and, since you asked, the two of us live … about a block from each other :)… in beautiful Hartsville, TN – which is approximately a Samson’s stone’s throw (or two) east of Nashville.

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