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Best Natural Fabric Softener – and it’s cheap!

I was skeptical at first when I read this, but after trying it, I’m a believer. Try pouring 1/2 –… Continue reading »

keep food fresh

Is The Food In Your Refrigerator Safe?

Learn more about how to know if someone has food poisoning, where it comes from and how to keep food fresh in your refrigerator!


What Is Homeopathy? The Short Version

Homeopathy is often wrongly lumped together with other natural remedies, so how is it different? Here’s a simple explanation to help you make smart choices! Here’s a brief overview of what homeopathy is and if it’s something you should consider for your family.


Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Regular Salt?

No! Salt is salt-they both have the same percentage of sodium, and sea salt’s “extra nutrients” are so minute that… Continue reading »

apple chart

All About Apples

It’s almost apple pickin’ season and in some areas they are already becoming available. We have the priviledge of ordering… Continue reading »

live long

The Top 10 States For Long Life Expectancy

“Live long & prosper” is a saying that actually originated from the Bible, but has been heard quoted everywhere from… Continue reading »

How to Naturally Clean Your Dishwasher

Here’s a post from the Pistachio Project that I plan to use the information in today! I’ll let you know… Continue reading »