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Best Natural Fabric Softener – and it’s cheap!

I was skeptical at first when I read this, but after trying it, I’m a believer. Try pouring 1/2 –… Continue reading »


What Is Homeopathy? The Short Version

Homeopathy is often wrongly lumped together with other natural remedies, so how is it different? Here’s a simple explanation to help you make smart choices! Here’s a brief overview of what homeopathy is and if it’s something you should consider for your family.

How to Naturally Clean Your Dishwasher

Here’s a post from the Pistachio Project that I plan to use the information in today! I’ll let you know… Continue reading »

Make Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Wash

With all the alarms recently on salmonella poisoning and other types of food poisoning becoming more common, thoroughly washing your produce when you come home is important. Making your own fruit & vegetable wash saves more money than it should! The price of this wash in the produce dept is outrageous in my opinion! Making your own is safer, faster anrd easier using products you already have in your home.

10 Cold Sore Remedies That Work & a Free Sample of Lipclear Lysine

We have weeded out all the chaff and listed what experienced cold sore sufferers want to know: what really works. Here is a list of cold sore remedies that you may or may not have tried. After 30 years of dealing with them, I found some new cold sore remedies that I have never heard of and might even work better than my #1 remedy: fresh aloe.

father with sick child

Top 10 Health Websites For Parents

Keeping your family healthy is a full time job! Especially lately. Finding reliable medical advice online is a great perk… Continue reading »

10 Natural Ways To Stay Healthy

A few days ago we tried to sort out the pros and cons of getting the flu vaccine, and I… Continue reading »