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free online landscaping tool

Free Interactive Landscape Design Tool

You are going to love this. It’s free, so we love it already, right? The download is quick and safe,… Continue reading »

educational apps

Free Educational Apps To Teach Reading

There are so many amazing apps available and it’s only getting better. I’m a baby boomer that has tried to… Continue reading »

Bobs Virtual room planner

The Best Free Virtual Room Planner (s)

OK, it’s easy enough to Google which virtual room planners are the best, but how long does it take to get set up with any of these programs only to discover it’s waaay too complicated to spend the time figuring it out or it’s just plain LAME?


Best Natural Fabric Softener – and it’s cheap!

I was skeptical at first when I read this, but after trying it, I’m a believer. Try pouring 1/2 –… Continue reading »

keep food fresh

Is The Food In Your Refrigerator Safe?

Learn more about how to know if someone has food poisoning, where it comes from and how to keep food fresh in your refrigerator!

new mom

Hands-free Breastfeeding!

Here you go, breast feeding moms, the solution to awkward pumping in places you can’t call home. The Arden bra… Continue reading »

sugar as power not food!

A Battery That Runs On Sugar Could Soon Be Powering Your Electronics

Think about it. Sugar makes your kids bounce off the walls. When you need a quick lift at work, you… Continue reading »