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educational apps

Free Educational Apps To Teach Reading

There are so many amazing apps available and it’s only getting better. I’m a baby boomer that has tried to… Continue reading »

A Day With a Homeschooling Mompreneur! (Video)

Homeschooling will keep you busy enough, but this mompreneur manages to pull off running a business at home as well! Watch how she does it!

How To See The Comet Tonight

Tonight there will be a comet passing closer to the earth than any comet recorded in earth’s history. Comet Pan-Starrs will… Continue reading »

how to know a website is secure

How To Know a Web Page is Secure-For Sure!

Everyone knows about the ominous threat of identity theft. We would never purposely give up our private financial information, that’s… Continue reading »

Color wheel

The Meaning of Colors

Ever wonder why you always feel happy in some rooms and sad in others? The use of colors as a… Continue reading »

What’s YOUR Favorite?

We are returning to our original mission. What is your favorite ………………………? We would like to make Momma’s Choice one of the most USEFUL websites you know about. One way we would like to do this is report what YOUR favorites are. Let us know your favorite: products, ideas, parenting advice, inspirational anything, money saving ideas and the best (useful) websites. Anything that has enriched your life, please take a minute and share it in a comment. It’s nice to share, right?

Salt Painting – Fun, Easy, Cheap!

Here’s an idea sent to us that I think you’ll all like to bookmark! Salt Painting – Fun, Easy, Cheap!… Continue reading »