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educational apps

Free Educational Apps To Teach Reading

There are so many amazing apps available and it’s only getting better. I’m a baby boomer that has tried to… Continue reading »


See This Adorable Little Model With Down Syndrome!

This little model with Down Syndrome is so precious, she has inspired her own clothing line! This must see ‘Valentina Collection’ even donates 10% to NDSS! (National Down Syndrome Society)

tv on children's brains

How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children

Most parents are careful about what they allow their children to watch on TV and treat it somewhat like candy. A little can’t be avoided very easily, but ?

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think. . .

A video made by Dove (the soap people) brings out the age-old debate over how we see ourselves vs how… Continue reading »

What’s YOUR Favorite?

We are returning to our original mission. What is your favorite ………………………? We would like to make Momma’s Choice one of the most USEFUL websites you know about. One way we would like to do this is report what YOUR favorites are. Let us know your favorite: products, ideas, parenting advice, inspirational anything, money saving ideas and the best (useful) websites. Anything that has enriched your life, please take a minute and share it in a comment. It’s nice to share, right?

Free 5×7 Print at Walmart Photo

No one can pass up FREE!  Walmart has a new promo for a free 5×7 print per child (time to… Continue reading »

Salt Painting – Fun, Easy, Cheap!

Here’s an idea sent to us that I think you’ll all like to bookmark! Salt Painting – Fun, Easy, Cheap!… Continue reading »