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What’s YOUR Favorite?

We are returning to our original mission. What is your favorite ………………………? We would like to make Momma’s Choice one of the most USEFUL websites you know about. One way we would like to do this is report what YOUR favorites are. Let us know your favorite: products, ideas, parenting advice, inspirational anything, money saving ideas and the best (useful) websites. Anything that has enriched your life, please take a minute and share it in a comment. It’s nice to share, right?

10 Cold Sore Remedies That Work & a Free Sample of Lipclear Lysine

We have weeded out all the chaff and listed what experienced cold sore sufferers want to know: what really works. Here is a list of cold sore remedies that you may or may not have tried. After 30 years of dealing with them, I found some new cold sore remedies that I have never heard of and might even work better than my #1 remedy: fresh aloe.

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Review, Coupon Codes For Personal Creations

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Review, Newman’s Organic Cranberries-mmmm

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Grocery Deals at Amazon-A Primer

If you haven’t discovered Amazon Grocery yet, you are in for a treat. Convenience, savings, and great service all add up to a great online shopping experience. We used to order several items from a natural foods coop, but have found most of those items cheaper on Amazon AND delivered to my door. I really like that part, especially with the expected flu season rapidly approaching!

Top 5 Kid-Safe Browsers

The internet is becoming more and more sophisticated every nano-second, and one area that never ceases to amaze me is… Continue reading »