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Bobs Virtual room planner

The Best Free Virtual Room Planner (s)

OK, it’s easy enough to Google which virtual room planners are the best, but how long does it take to get set up with any of these programs only to discover it’s waaay too complicated to spend the time figuring it out or it’s just plain LAME?


Best Natural Fabric Softener – and it’s cheap!

I was skeptical at first when I read this, but after trying it, I’m a believer. Try pouring 1/2 –… Continue reading »

apple chart

All About Apples

It’s almost apple pickin’ season and in some areas they are already becoming available. We have the priviledge of ordering… Continue reading »

Toilet paper deal Scott TP

Save 15% on Scott Toilet Paper AND a $1.50 Coupon! -Expires Soon

If you are a very frugal mom (or really, any caregiver!) and have done the math, then you know that… Continue reading »

How to Naturally Clean Your Dishwasher

Here’s a post from the Pistachio Project that I plan to use the information in today! I’ll let you know… Continue reading »

Make Your Own Pet Shampoo

Here’s a recipe from Chrystal Paine at  for making your own pet shampoo. A shampoo that is chemically safe … Continue reading »

Make Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Wash

With all the alarms recently on salmonella poisoning and other types of food poisoning becoming more common, thoroughly washing your produce when you come home is important. Making your own fruit & vegetable wash saves more money than it should! The price of this wash in the produce dept is outrageous in my opinion! Making your own is safer, faster anrd easier using products you already have in your home.