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Bobs Virtual room planner

The Best Free Virtual Room Planner (s)

OK, it’s easy enough to Google which virtual room planners are the best, but how long does it take to get set up with any of these programs only to discover it’s waaay too complicated to spend the time figuring it out or it’s just plain LAME?

What’s YOUR Favorite?

We are returning to our original mission. What is your favorite ………………………? We would like to make Momma’s Choice one of the most USEFUL websites you know about. One way we would like to do this is report what YOUR favorites are. Let us know your favorite: products, ideas, parenting advice, inspirational anything, money saving ideas and the best (useful) websites. Anything that has enriched your life, please take a minute and share it in a comment. It’s nice to share, right?

Free 5×7 Print at Walmart Photo

No one can pass up FREE!  Walmart has a new promo for a free 5×7 print per child (time to… Continue reading »

Calculate Your BMI

The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator use javascript. Please activate Javascript in your browser. The BMI is calculated with the… Continue reading »

fun on the computer

Save Money With the Red Box Trivia Game

Redbox is doing a movie trivia game that gives you 60 seconds to answer 5 movie trivia game questions. Each question answered correctly gets you 10 cents off your next rental. I got 3 correct so I have a code for .30 cents off my next rental. You can play as many times as you like but you can only use it towards a rental once per day. If nothing else you can have a few minutes of fun with your kids that will pay you to have fun!

12 New Free Samples To Try

We weed through all the ‘garbage’ freebies to find only genuine free offers from credible companies – just to save… Continue reading »

kids coloring

6 Of The Greatest Websites For Kids

Whether you’re looking for some activities to enrich their minds, or to just keep them busy for awhile, these are… Continue reading »