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Spring Fabric Sale & Coupon Codes at Hancock Fabrics

Happy Easter! Hancock Fabrics has some “eggstra” savings this week that you can use or pass along to “somebunny” special!… Continue reading »

oranges sliced

Make Your Own Orange Cleaner For Pennies

We used to sell used books on Amazon and to our delight discovered orange oil was the best cleaner hands… Continue reading »

What’s YOUR Favorite?

We are returning to our original mission. What is your favorite ………………………? We would like to make Momma’s Choice one of the most USEFUL websites you know about. One way we would like to do this is report what YOUR favorites are. Let us know your favorite: products, ideas, parenting advice, inspirational anything, money saving ideas and the best (useful) websites. Anything that has enriched your life, please take a minute and share it in a comment. It’s nice to share, right?

Free 5×7 Print at Walmart Photo

No one can pass up FREE!  Walmart has a new promo for a free 5×7 print per child (time to… Continue reading »

Calculate Your BMI

The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator use javascript. Please activate Javascript in your browser. The BMI is calculated with the… Continue reading »

Momma’s Choice Shares How Moms Like YOU Save Money!

When asked what your best advice is to save money, moms all have something special to offer. Every mom has… Continue reading »

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Great Coupon Site

There’s nothing better on a cold day than a hot cup of soup (or tea). Now you can save money on that hot drink and other groceries by reading on….