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See This Adorable Little Model With Down Syndrome!

This little model with Down Syndrome is so precious, she has inspired her own clothing line! This must see ‘Valentina Collection’ even donates 10% to NDSS! (National Down Syndrome Society)

A Day With a Homeschooling Mompreneur! (Video)

Homeschooling will keep you busy enough, but this mompreneur manages to pull off running a business at home as well! Watch how she does it!

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Here’s To The Moms Video

Google made a video just for moms: (be sure to watch the Parent’s Rap below, too!) Here’s another one you’ll… Continue reading »

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How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children

Most parents are careful about what they allow their children to watch on TV and treat it somewhat like candy. A little can’t be avoided very easily, but ?

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think. . .

A video made by Dove (the soap people) brings out the age-old debate over how we see ourselves vs how… Continue reading »

Two Amazing 7 yr old Musicians You Have To See (actually HEAR!)

I just wanted to share two amazing young musicians, one of which has been referred to as the next Mozart…. Continue reading »

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Are YOU a MomPreneur? Watch This!

(Watch video at bottom of post) If you have been thinking you would love-love-love to have a business online, or… Continue reading »