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A Day With a Homeschooling Mompreneur! (Video)

Homeschooling will keep you busy enough, but this mompreneur manages to pull off running a business at home as well! Watch how she does it!

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Here’s To The Moms Video

Google made a video just for moms: (be sure to watch the Parent’s Rap below, too!) Here’s another one you’ll… Continue reading »

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How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children

Most parents are careful about what they allow their children to watch on TV and treat it somewhat like candy. A little can’t be avoided very easily, but ?

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think. . .

A video made by Dove (the soap people) brings out the age-old debate over how we see ourselves vs how… Continue reading »

Two Amazing 7 yr old Musicians You Have To See (actually HEAR!)

I just wanted to share two amazing young musicians, one of which has been referred to as the next Mozart…. Continue reading »

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Are YOU a MomPreneur? Watch This!

(Watch video at bottom of post) If you have been thinking you would love-love-love to have a business online, or… Continue reading »

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Pregnant And She Knows It…

Want a chuckle? Watch the “Pregnant and I know it” video that has gone viral…