Top 25 Legitimate Direct Sales & MLM Companies

earn money at homeI’ve always thought that it takes a special kind of person to succeed in direct sales. Unfortunately, direct sales or multi-level sales have gotten a bad reputation over the years. This is partially due to all the not-so-honest companies that have come and gone, and partially from those who have tried it not knowing what was needed to do for success.

(Be sure to research carefully any company you consider, and check the bottom of this post for companies to especially beware of before you join. )

How To Succeed In Direct Sales

Succeding in Direct Sales is an art. There are many things you can learn from your leaders, mentors and even books. You have to like to talk to people and groups of people, and be able to deal with rejection. Sound difficult? To be honest, it’s difficult, but if you love people and love this type of work, there is alot – and I mean ALOT – of money to be made. Some of the top earners in Melaleuca have made over $100,000 in ONE month! However, be aware that is not the norm.

The two main qualities of success

1. Constantly Learn – Know your product, and learn how to sell.earning money at home online

2. Love people and are naturally social-once you’ve chosen a product you believe in, there are many avenues you can use to tell others. Join a sales team that works together and has a good leader.

Beware of Scams

Like I said before, MLM and direct marketing has a bad rep due to many dishonest companies. Be assured there are plenty of good companies with amazing potential, but watch out for the scammers. Also be discriminating as to who you listen to, there are naysayers to everything if you look hard enough!

How to tell if a MLM is a scam:

Test Questions Teach You How To Choose The Best MLM Company

Check out the company you sign up with thoroughly, and try not to invest too heavily up front.** It will be tempting and you will be given lots of reasons why you should. Never buy product to boost your own numbers-that’s a recipe for failure. (and called inventory loading) Be willing to work HARD and stick it out for the long haul and that will be your best recipe for success!

(**Inventory loading occurs when a company’s incentive program forces recruits to buy more products than they could ever sell, often at inflated prices.)

Choosing A Company That Fits You

Below you will find our researched list of direct sales companies to help you out on your journey. This does NOT mean every company listed is OK.  We can only do so much, but we would like to offer a place for you to get started. Know the company you are dealing with and do your own research.

Be sure to find a company with products you would enjoy selling. Some companies have products that have changed lives – others are possibly overpriced juice. I’ve been a director in Melaleuca for many years, and love their multi-vitamins and many of their cleaning products. I don’t actively sell it, but will tell others when it’s appropriate. Melaleuca is one of the most honest, down to earth companies I’ve come across in all my research.(and years of trying different MLM’s!) Melaleuca is a company I can recommend from experience. Shaklee is another company that I’m personally confident is a safe investment.

We also (try) to list the year they started for longevity is an important factor in choosing so as to avoid the “fly-by-night” companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Legitimate MLM Companies*

1. Melalueca Tea Tree Oil is the basis of this company’s start, its amazing properties work well in products from skin care, cleaning products and medicinal use. Started 1985 (29years).

2. Shaklee – This company has been around for a long time and is very reputable. Started 1956 – 58 Years .

3. USANA  – very high standards, somewhat expensive health products. Started in1992 – (22Years ).

4. Nu Skin – Started in 1984 – 30 Years.

5. Isagenix  – Started in 2002 – 12 Years.

6. Forever Living  – Started in 1978 – 36 Years .

7. Legal Shield – Started in 1972 – 42 Years (!)

8. ACN – Started in 1993 -21 Years .

9. Herbalife – This is a great product, but questionable ethics. I think they have cleaned up everthing from the past. (research carefully!) Started in 1980 – 34 Years….

10. 4Life  – Started in 1998 – 16 Years.

11. Advocare – Started in 1993 – 21 Years.

12. 5LINX – Started in  2001 – 13 Years ,

13. Synergy WorldWide  – Started in 1999 – 15 Years.

14. Arbonne  – Started in 1980- 34 Years .

15. Xango – Started in  2002 – 12 Years  .

17. Morinda – Started in  1994 – 20 Years .

18. Mannatech  – Started in 1994 – 20Years.

19. Amway – Started in 1959 – 45 years

20. Nikken – Started in  1975 – 37 Years

21. Sunrider  – Started in 1982 – 30 Years

22. Freelife  – Started in 1995 – 17 Years

23. Neways  – Started in 1992 – 20 Years

24. Juice Plus – Started in  (NSA) 1970 – 42 Years

25. GNLD  – Nutrition products. Started in 1958 – 54 Years

Please check back as we add more legitimate direct sales/MLM companies! >>

——Companies to beware of and research carefully before you join:

Monavie >>



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