Healthy Living

healthy livingIn our new Healthy Living section, we want to help you find the best and most accurate health information available online. We know how hard it is to sift out what to believe and what not to believe when you’re searching for information about what ails you or your children.

Herbal Remedies

When is it OK to use a home remedy and when does a condition or symptom need the care of a professional? That’s one of the most difficult decisions a mom (or dad) needs to make. Never hesitate to ask your doctor when you have doubts.

Using herbal remedies have often worked for our family when nothing else did. We hope to make it easy to find and use herbal remedies that really work!

Be sure to bookmark this page to check back and read our Herbal Remedies That Work section that’s coming soon!

Finding a Doctor

Another difficult thing mothers face is how to know when and who to take your child…or yourself . . .to the doctor. It’s my opinion that knowing as much as possible about what is bothering you BEFORE you go into the doctor’s office is important for several reasons – misdiagnosis and unnecessary testing. The problem with researching the mountains of medical information is how much time it takes.

HealthGrades has a lot of information on doctors and hospital based on comments from others. Angie’s List is another place to check what other have to say about medical services you might need. We hope to have a comprehensive list here soon!


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